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Port Hope Beach, 2016 Summer


Theatre Posters

Digital Art: Posters for 'Queen Milli of Galt' 

Three posters to help advertise for The Village Player's production of Queen Milli of Galt. The first is the general box office poster. The middle is a special promotion during Christmas. The third was another special promotion during New Years Eve. All done via Photoshop.


Concept Pitch Videos for New App Features

Concept Video - Pitch Pay with Points

Concept Video - Pitch Manage My Cards Lost Card


Random Collection of Photos - More Coming


Part of a series on my trip to New Zealand. I wanted to show people that videos were easy to make. Shot and edited on my iphone.

Wellington has my heart. There is a shot I got while on a bus, going around the bay. It's probably the best shot I've gotten on my phone! My original, private edit had Six60's Windy Days. This is public, so I've made a cut with Apple Music... It's not the same, but effective still.